FUTURE TENSE ADF’s new lecture series begins in October

The imagining of possible future realities is an important part of what designers do. From the seemingly inevitable march of history to the fanciful to dire and dystopian, visions of the future are essential to guiding the development of human culture and built environments.

FUTURE TENSE assembles visionary futurists, cultural historians and learned elders to explore where we are heading, what might have been and what may be yet to come.

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Join ADF in Basel, Switzerland for FLY BY DESIGN on July 27-31

FBD_BaselWith FLY BY DESIGN, we export the audience to see the work in real dimensions. We host travelers in locations around the world, connecting them to new places through architecture and design. For the 3rd annual FLY BY DESIGN, we’re visiting Basel.

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Basel is known as the city of culture for connoisseurs, with historic landmarks and over 40 museums mixed in with small boutiques. Nestled along the Rhine river, Basel is tradition-conscious and open-minded at the same time, with modern buildings designed by renowned architects. With it’s rich design history, Basel is perhaps Europe’s best kept secret.