New Lecture: Reed Kroloff

rKroloff_bwThe ADF is pleased to announce lectures by Reed Kroloff. He is the Director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum, and a nationally known commentator in the world of architecture and urban design.

March 16: Anchorage
March 17: Fairbanks
March 18: Juneau

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Design Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the CABIN FEVER DESIGN CHALLENGE:

  1. Troy Nesset and Martina Parrish (1st place and People’s Choice)
  2. David Hayden (2nd place)
  3. Petra Sattler-Smith (3rd place and Made in Alaska/local-sustainable award)

See more about the design challenge.

February Lectures by Mark Fox, Artist, NYC

Lectures on February 23-25

photo 2While some of the artist’s forms are created through the interplay of color, shape, line, and space, others are densely woven with fragments of information that can be deciphered to expose interior narratives. In his work, intentional imagery is interspersed with random ink spots and doodles prompted by news stories, literature, street noise, telephone conversations, messages, and other forms of communication. Fox relates his formal arrangement of these disparate elements to cerebral processes. Every thought is interpolated by elements of sensory experience, and incongruent elements are cut up and reassembled, as the brain would assemble coherent thoughts.

February 23: Anchorage
February 24: Fairbanks
February 25: Juneau

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