October Lectures: Johanna Hurme of 5468796


Johanna Hurme is an architect and a founding partner of Winnipeg-based 5468796 Architecture, established in 2007. In the past eight years the firm has achieved national and international recognition, and its work has been published in over 150 books and publications. The Houston-based Rice Design Alliance recently stated that they “truly believe 5468796 to be one of the most talented young design firms worldwide.”

October 5: Anchorage
October 6: Fairbanks
October 7: Juneau



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The imagining of possible future realities is an important part of what designers do. From the seemingly inevitable march of history to the fanciful to dire and dystopian, visions of the future are essential to guiding the development of human culture and built environments.

FUTURE TENSE assembles visionary futurists and cultural historians to explore where we are heading, what might have been and what may be yet to come.

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