s’kid: A challenge to the community in sled design

The Alaska Design Forum (ADF), in association with the Anchorage Museum, will host a design challenge called s’kid: A challenge to the community in sled design. As a thematic extension of this year’s ADF lecture series, NOSTALGIA, skid will encourage Alaskans to develop a sled which presents a unique perspective to a downhill delivery device for fun.

The skid Design Challenge (sDC) is a call to the community to put forth creative solutions in sled design. Registration is open through January 20, 2017 (extended). The challenge will host a lecture by a qualified sledding enthusiast (TBA) followed by a hands on workshop with a professional in the field of sled design (TBA). Final designs will be due, fully fabricated, in March, with a juried event where designs will be tested out.

Participants in skid will be encouraged to design sleds which potentially:

  • Present visually attractive solutions
  • Take advantage of existing or historic technologies
  • Put forward a unique solution

It is the intention of ADF to elevate design by and for Alaskans, and for our state to gain recognition for our design aesthetic and innovation. Our eventual goal for design challenges is to facilitate products that are designed, fabricated and marketed in Alaska.

Register here: 


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