Joel Salatin

Farmer // Virginia


May 1, 2017 // 7pm

Anchorage Museum


May 2, 2017 // 6pm

Blue Loon


May 3, 2017 // 6pm

360 North

While most Americans seem to think our techno-glitzy disconnected celebrity-worshipping culture will be the first to sail off into a Star Trek future unencumbered by ecological umbilicals, Salatin bets that the future will instead incorporate more tried and true realities from the past.

Ours is the first culture with no chores for children, cheap energy, heavy mechanization, computers, supermarkets, TV dinners and unpronounceable food.  Although he doesn’t believe that we will return to horses and buggies, wash boards, and hoop skirts, Salatin believes we will go back in order to go forward, using technology to re-establish historical normalcy.

That normalcy will include edible landscapes, domestic larders, pastured livestock, solar driven carbon cycling for fertility, and a visceral relationship with life’s fundamentals:  food, energy, water, air, soil, fabric, shelter.  We may as well get started enthusiastically than be dragged reluctantly into this more normal existence.  Rather than being an abstract, cerebral, academic look at ecology, food systems, and soil development, this talk is based firmly on a lifetime spent communing with ecology, economics, and emotion in their full reality, as a farmer.

Both sobering and inspiring, this performance empowers people to tackle the seemingly impossibly large tasks that confront our generation.  Historical contexts create jump-off points for the future–a future as bright as our imagination and as sure as the past.

There will be related workshops in each lecture city and a fundraiser for the ADF in Anchorage on May 5th.

*Please Note: Ticket Prices for this lecture are slightly higher to cover costs. Season Pass holders still get in for free.

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