Joel Salatin

Farmer // Virginia


May 1, 2017 // 7pm

Anchorage Museum


May 2, 2017 // 6pm

Blue Loon


May 3, 2017 // 6pm

360 North


Joel Salatin is a full-time farmer and writer. He holds a BA degree in English and writes extensively in magazines such as Stockman Grass Farmer, Acres Usa, and Foodshed. The family’s farm, Polyface Inc. has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Gourmet and countless other radio, television and print media. A wordsmith, he describes his occupation as “mob-stocking herbivorous solar conversion lignified carbon sequestration fertilization.” He has been featured in many popular food movies and books as he passionately defends small farms, local food systems, and the right to opt out of the conventional food paradigm.

There will be related workshops in each lecture city.