Fly By Design: Japan

Join a small ADF group tour for an exclusive experience in Japan, on March 11-17, 2018.


The architecture and design travel starts in Tokyo, the most populous metropolitan area on earth with 37 million people and a global hub in design, technology, art, culture, and commerce. Home country to six Prizker Prize winning architects, Tokyo streets are densely dotted with layers of acclaimed masterpieces ranging from the Metabolist movement of the 1960s to contemporary super structures of today.

An optional add-on package will include a bullet train trip from the city to the countryside islands of Teshima, Naoshima, and Inujima. Contrasting the serene natural environment are museums, retreat centers, and art installations designed by some of the most respected architects and artists in the country.

Fly By Design takes advantage of ADF’s international network and knowledge maintained over the past 25 years.

Details of the itinerary and early bird pricing coming soon. For more information contact