Announcing NOSTALGIA: ADF’s 2016-2017 Lecture Season

We are excited to announce NOSTALGIA, ADF’s 2016-2017 lecture season. NOSTALGIA celebrates the ways in which designers and artists embrace, reject or leverage the human tendency towards nostalgia, or the yearning for a previous time, place or experience.

Furthermore, we are interested in learning how nostalgia affects the design process consciously or unconsciously. Is there any truth to “everything old is new again”? Are there new ideas or just new re-interpretations of previous thinking?

The first lecture will be architect Hugh Broughton (London), on October 31 – November 2.

nostalgiaNOSTALGIA Lecturers

  • Hugh Broughton / Architect / London
  • Local Legends / Charles Bettisworth, Larry Cash, Wayne Jensen, John McCool
  • Cas Holman / Toy Designer / Rhode Island
  • Duffy (Joe & Joseph) / Graphic Designers / Minneapolis
  • Judith Clark & Adam Phillips / Fashion, Author collaboration / London
  • Joel Salatin / Farmer / Virginia

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