BLING Lecture Series

The 2013-2014 lecture season

This season the Alaska Design Forum presents BLING, a lecture series exploring the role of ornamentation in contemporary design. Is it “less is more” or “less is a bore?” Many of the world’s current leading designers manipulate materials and the laws of physics to bring beauty to an object or building. Perhaps it is the materiality of the thing itself – it’s expression and articulation – that signifies culture and meaning.

Please note: unlike past seasons, BLING lectures will be on the following days:

  • Tuesday in Juneau
  • Wednesday in Fairbanks
  • Thursday in Anchorage
    *except for the Steinunn Sigurd lecture which will be on Friday, January 24

BLING Lecturers

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir
Fashion Designer / Reykjavik
January 21-22, 24

Fuhrimann Hächler
Architect / Zurich
February 25-27

Ball-Nogues Studio
Integrated Design / Los Angeles
March 4-6

Will Alsop
Architect / London

Jessica Hische
Letterer & Illustrator / San Francisco
March 25-27

Multi-Disciplinary Design / Bangkok, Thailand
April 8-10

Solid Objectives
Architect / New York
April 15-17